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Looking for Prameela joshi, cochin, Kerala

Posted on 28 January, 2012 by satyam, kamareedy, Andhra Pradesh

Email: stym10(at)gmail.com


i am satyam frm kamareedy frm a.p i am u'r penpal before 8 yrs we were a gud penpal friends but unfortuanately i lost u'r address we have exchanged our photos my brother is with u & u personal photo is with me & still watching photo daily & praying that u'll response one day frm last i am waiting for u'r reply so plz reply me soon waiting desperately for u'r reply plz reply me on this mail id r on my old address hoping for a quick reply otherwise send u'r address i will write about myself brifely so plz plz reply me soon u'r satya & satyam

Looking for Paul sir, Kerala

Posted on 30 April, 2011 by Aliza rizvi, Utraula, Uttar Pradesh

Email: Mahak.ali110(at)gmail.com


Hello dear paul sir, where r u remember me or not? one of your naughty student of Emmanual Church school utraula, i miss u a lot and miss those beautiful dayz spent in E.c.s please contact me and send me a mail on my id.

Looking for Parvathy Shetty, Manjeshwar / Kasaragod, Kerala

Posted on 09 June, 2010 by Gangadharan P.V, Kasaragode/Kalanad

Email: Gangadharan.Padinhare-V(at)sc.com


Contacted your Theruvath House, Kasaragod many times from 1992 onwards. Last we saw each other the second day of my marriage at my house at Kalanad. If you find this message call me. I am still in Dubai.

Tell my regards to Veda & Renuka

Your loving ganga

Message 2:


Hi Parvathi, 35 years we did't see each other. I still working in Dubai. My address Gangadharaan P.V. Post Box 999, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Please call me I believe you are staying in Manjeswar. Please call me and convey my regards to Vea and Renuka and all your family.



Looking for Prescilla Gottings, Bangalore / Ernakulam, Kerala

Posted on 01 August, 2008 by Raman Arora, Delhi

Email: saharshraman(at)gmail.com


Hi! we have lost touch all together. I remember we met in Kochi on 31 Dec 1993. Don't even know where to look for you. At Bangalore or Kochi - Raman

Looking for Pameela Remmy Jose, Kochi, Kerala

Posted on 21 August, 2007 by Tomy, Haryana

Email: lawfirmdubai(at)yahoo.co.in


I lost you mail id and cell no. i would appreciate if you would kindly contact me in the given mail id. i hope you are enjoying your life. i am sorry I couldn't contact you before i started from there. sumy, tessy and teenu are here. i am working for a UK company as legal advisor.

Looking for Pressy, Theyadikal, Kerala

Posted on 25 November, 2006 by Shibin, Aranmula, Kerala

Email: shibinsivans(at)gmail.com


Hello Pressy, i am Shibin. Do u remember me SEPTI Tiruvalla? Where r u now ? i miss u ..... email me.

Looking for Preeti Philip - Classmate, Cotton hill girl high school, Trivandrum, Kerala

Posted on 03-Sep
-05 by Maheswari.

email: maheswari_csp(at)hotmail.com

Message: I am looking for my long lost friend. We both studied 10th std at Cotton hill girl high school, Trivandrum, Kerala during 1991-92. Last time when i saw her she was moving to bombay. It would be very nice of you if happen to have any info.

Looking for Prasannan, Kannur, Kerala

Posted on 2005-07-01 by Dhanesh kumar, Kochi.

Email: dhaneshkumara(at)yahoo.com

Looking for Prithvyraj Vasu C, Calicut, Kerala

Posted on 23 December, 2005 by Dhanya Unni, Calicut, Kerala

Email: dnyaprashanth(at)yahoo.com


hi missing u... row of tidy houses knocks at the windows.
A dull drum dum-dums in the back of my mind.
My bed is soft and comforting; I let the visitors go unmet.

A cookie tin is abandoned by the door--
Dusty crumpets saved from British tea.
The chimes resonate once they're gone.
I wonder for whom they're singing.

Carolers are in the alley,
Leafing through the trash for naughty nuggets.
Newspaper balls are congealed, unreadable, Tied to string, they decorate an evergreen.

My answering machine yawns hello.
Don't tell it how you are; no one's listening.
I'm playing chess with Lazarus
And baking brownies in the basement.

Looking for Parvathy, Trichur

Posted on 07 March, 2006 by Sooraj, Trivandrum, Kerala

Email: soorajpremsagar(at)yahoo.co.in


hey i have been looking for u for the past couple of years. don't know when i will be able to find u, but hope it happens soon. looking forward to seeing u at least this time. this is soora here, i don't know to whom exactly this reaches, if u are parvathy mohan who studied in UAE, u will remember me.

Looking for Pooja, Palakkad, Kerala.

Posted on 19 June, 2006 by meenu-rekhu-indru, Palakkad

Email: rekhachinnu(at)redif.com


our friendship is very precious. we miss you alot pooja. pls call us

Looking for Pavithra, Trivandrum - Edappazhanji, Kerala

Posted on 23 June, 2006 by Sreekumar, Ernakulam

Email: vayalilsree(at)yahoo.co.in


Hello pavithra, no contacts since 1983-lost track of you. still in TVM? remember your old house at Edappally and Mini, Sheela ETC. I tried to contact you through Mini but she also lost contact with you. the period you were in Edappally was really exciting no? i really miss you. do contact. hope you are well settled now. I find no reason for otherwise. you still remember us?



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