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Looking for Ragi, thrissur, Moonupeedika, Kerala

Posted on 21 July, 2011 by limin, thrissur, triprayar

Email: liminml777(at)gmail.com


ragi chechi ippo evidaya. oru vivaravum illallo , jyan kure nallayi social networks ellam search cheyyunu pakshe kittiyilla. enne oke maranno. ente e message kittiyal please contact me.

Looking for rajesh kumar. k.r, balarama puram, Kerala

Posted on 22 June, 2011 by maglin, noida, Delhi

Email: soniaj75(at)yrocketmail.com


Hi, rajesh, where are you? do u remember me? we r studying in K.N.M govt. arts and science college kanjiramkulam. if u can got this mail. plz send me reply. i want tell our all friends. where can i get?

Looking for Rekha P, Kollam, Kerala

Posted on 06 March, 2011 by Rahul m, Kollam, Kerala

Email: bbnrbbn(at)yahoo.com


Still don't know Y u deserted !!

i had tried every means before marriage to contact u !!! but all things went against !!!no point to tell anything now!! hope u r happily living somewhere !!!

may b someday.........

Looking for remya mol T.R, kerala, Kerala

Posted on 26 August, 2010 by mamoni gharami, kolkata, West bengal

Email: mamoni.gharami786(at)gmail.com


hi remya, you remember me? we were the students in monimohan memorial institution in jinjira bazar, kolkata. we are the best friends. where are you now? we have studied till class six together. do you remember? i am really missing u..

Looking for Ronnyann Thomas, Injathanam, Kerala

Posted on 19 August, 2010 by Joby Philipose, Charbatia/Cuttack (dist), Orissa

Email: jobyphilipose(at)hotmail.com


We became penpals, through your article in a comic. we used to correspond to each other for so many years, then I think your dad or mom died ( please don't mind as i write something like this, but not to hurt you). and then i never got letters from you, I remember you were some years at YMCA. I also remember your brothers name was Roshan Thomas. I have been looking for you so many years, tried various sources to reach you. Hope You see this and respond.

Looking for Rema C, vavanoor, wadakanchery, Kerala

Posted on 02 December, 2009 by Sreekumar ks, shoranur, Kerala

Email: sreesrr99(at)yahoo.com


hi rema, i am shreekumar. I am your old friend. we both studied in pattambi college and vysa college 1981 b com batch. if my old batch mate see this mail please contact me. now iam working in Saudi Arabia.

Looking for Roshan/ AVS college, Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala

Posted on 10 April, 2009 by Fini, Trivandrum, (Native Meghalaya)

Email: finiros(at)yahoo.co.in


My name is finiros, I am searching one of my friend Roshan. Last time we met her town and I give her very precious gifts. Did u remember me, our college life and all. How you can forget all those things? The days we spent is our life very precious time. now a says I am remembering all those things. I want to tell u something. Now!

By Fini ros

Looking for Rohith. C,  Ernakulam, Kerala

Posted on 08 September, 2007 by Manu, Ernakulam

Email: ibrahimhasna(at)yahoo.co.in


i need your email id. i want to mail u, i wish.

Looking for Ragi, cochin, Kerala

Posted on 29 August, 2007 by Vinod Menon, Palakkad, Kerala

Email: menon_chemist(at)hotmail.com


Ragi, I don't think that i should write much to make you understand that who am i.

After we parted its some what 5 and 1/2 years are over, in this time i was remembering you many times and in the midst of busy life i didn't get time to trace you, or i didn't fee that its required. Anyways by this time you might have become a wife and a mother of 1 or 2 isn't it? i would like to know about your hubby and kids, and i feel at this stage of life we can be real and good friends or at least we can be in touch. I don't know why i am writing to u at this time, suddenly every thing came back to my mind so this happened. if u feel its not required or worthy to contact at this stage, its okay. About me i left saudi arabia and currently located in uae. what else? take care and bye.

Looking for Rajeevan Kodumgambath, Calicut, Kerala

Posted on 07 August, 2007 by bobby, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: cariadi4me(at)yahoo.co.in


hi raj, this is mini from Berkely Place Byculla. Remember how i was late for an exam in shahad and the auto rickshaw ride. get back to me as soon as you get wind of this. Remember how i rushed to the airport to wish you good luck for your wedding - bobby.

Looking for Rethnesh, Ottapalam, Kerala

Posted on 22 July, 2007 by Savitha, Delhi

Email: srnambeesan69(at)yahoo.co.in


Hi Rethnesh

remember me?  your junior in college. I lost your contact for a while but you are still in my fond memories. please contact me soon. i even do not know where you live or your current status. hope you are well and good wherever you are. enjoy life.

Looking for Rajagiri Old Students, Kalamassery, Kerala

Posted on 31 March, 2007 by Rojo John, Ernakulam, Kerala

Email: rojo(at)vithayathil.com


Attention all old students of Rajagiri School, Kalamassery, Kerala. contact me, With year & Name, to join (ROSA) Rajagiri Old Students Association. Me 1983 pass out. We have a strong association who meets every year at Cochin on all jan 2 nd Saturday with family

Looking for PK Ranjith, Narukara, Manjeri

Posted on 20 February, 2007 by Sanjiv, Kerala (Presently in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh)

Email: sanjeev_hyd2000(at)yahoo.co.in


I am sorry brother.

Looking for Riji Varghese, Kottarakkara, Kollam district, Kerala

Posted on 14 September, 2006 by  Reena Sajith, Bangalore, Karnataka

Email: reenasajith(at)gmail.com


I am looking for a schoolmate of mine, who has gone for a medicine degree in Russia. I cant still forget the bond we had. His b'day is on 24th Feb 1977. His address I remember is like thondalil veedu, kottarakkara. he was 1 year senior to me.

Looking for P. Radha, Pulikkal, Malappuram, Kerala

Posted on  05 August, 2006 by Santhakumari. N.K, Calicut, Kerala

Email: santhab(at)epathra.com


she my dearest friend for five years. she was my college mate. we separated in the year 1975. after that no connection between us. she was charming. lived in pulikkal, daughter of headmaster, her brother P.N.N. was the physics lecture in farook college at that time. i wish to know where and how is she.

Looking for Rajasree Nair, Trivandrum, Kerala

Posted on 06 October, 2005 by rajkumar, Delhi

Email: raj_midha28(at)yahoo.com


Hi Rajasree, I Lost you in 1989. no contact since then pls.

Looking for Ramesh, Sudhir, Ramachandran, Satish

all Ex-Mahatma college B.Com students Y 1984

Posted on 2005-06-14 by Vinod, Tellicherry, Kannur

Email: excludedbug(at)gmail.com


Desperately looking for these guys. If anyone knew them please pass my email addy to them so that they can contact. We want to arrange a re-union. We already found many of our old friends but these guys are still missing.thanx

Looking for Reshma George, Kozhikode, Kerala

Posted on 2005-06-04 by Nimmy Jacob, Kozhikode

Email: nimmyelizajacob(at)yahoo.co.in


hi reshma, i'm nimmy frm calicut. do u remember me? i was ur classmate here in silver hills higher secondry school. siji, sandhya, n v wer friendz. still i've contact with siji. she has also enquired bt u. if u find this msg plz do reply. v still remember u well...tatz y this msg is coming all the way down from here. plz do reply reshma. bye.tc.

Looking for Rajagopal, Govt Polytechnic, Kannur, Kerala

Posted on 17 May, 2006 by Ashraf P P, Kannur

Email: ashrafpp(at)emirates.net.ae


Dear Rajagopal, Whenever I visit Kannur I tried to find out your whereabouts. But it was in vain. Still are you working in Railways or changed your job. Please try to contact me. How is your family. Where are you settled . Is it in Kannur or somewhere else. Did you see any of our Classmates Shyam, Prabhakar etc?

Looking for Ramakrishnan / guruvayurappan college, Calicut

Posted on 18 July, 2006 by Wilfred John Calicut



At times I feel like running from the reality of the world that is totally stunning, Where there is nothing but time ticking, And exams hitting, People partying, And others studying, People sleeping, While others are freaking, People stressing out, While others are having fun, and a great shout, People living for a dream, And others living to cheer a team,

People who ask a lot out of you,

And you? d want to give them all you? d have too, But the hard work and school, Or the having fun, being with friends, or acting like a fool?

bulletTo run after a dream that seems tough,
bulletTo live the exams that make life rough,
bulletTo live and be known by people as a fool, Because all you're doing is school, and not caring for anything cool?
bulletTo always have a frown on your face,

Because all you're doing is studying in your same place, Putting twice the effort as everyone, Studying and feeling you're done, Giving up the sleep, To protect your grade from making the leap, Being up at day and dark, Studying to get the highest mark?

Will it pay off?

bulletI thought I knew my stuff,
bulletI thought I studied and I knew the stuff good, I did everything I could?
bulletWhy?! Why after all ,
bulletMy big effort seems small,
bulletI did my job,
bulletYet my grade observed a great drop,
bulletIf I didn?t do my part,
bulletAnd thought I was smart,
bulletI would?ve deserved it,
bulletBut I never thought of that a bit,
bulletI was working extremely hard,
bulletAnd I was paying the charge,
bulletOf those who wanted best,
bulletAnd wanted to be better then all the rest,

Wilfred John


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