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Looking for subha s nair, trivandrum, Kerala

Posted on 12 July, 2012 by jh

Email: jf682009(at)hotmail.com


Hi subha how are you ? i hope you are fine, it is about 25 year we have not seen each other since i returned home far away from India. i was a student in Trivandrum engineering college and i was living near your house.

Looking for Suresh Nair, Trivandrum, Kerala

Posted on 18 June, 2012 by Reena Nair, Hyderabad

Email: reena_nair11(at)yahoo.com


Hi Suresh, itz been almost 25 years that we heard frm each other. i lost ur address's were a student in Trivandrum engg college i think 1987 or 88 passout. i don't know much about u. you can mail me and i will get in touch..

Looking for Swapna Thomas, Escort Hospital, Delhi, Kotayyam, Kerala

Posted on 22 April, 2012 by Vannie Devi, Andhra Pradesh

E-mail: vannie.devi(at)gmail.com


Hi Swapna,

I have been trying to get in touch with since we lost touch. I tried calling Escort hospital as I got to know that you were working there, but never got you.

I remember the days we went to tuition together, played holi. I hope you are not upset with me for any reason.

I really miss you my friend.

Looking for M.G. Sudha, Trivandrum, Tamil Nadu

Posted on 16 February, 2012 by Selwyn Heber, Trivandrum, Tamil Nadu

Email: selwynheber(at)gmail.com


Class 10 student of Govt. Tamil High School, Chalai.

All other friends are Manimekalai, Vino, Shanthi etc. Where are you now? Pl contact me thru my e-mail.

What about your studies and marriage life?

Vino still talking to me.

Looking for Shaji Thomas, Trissur, Kerala

Posted on 27 December, 2011 by sheela, Mumbai

E-mail : sheelab01(at)yahoo.ca


searching shaji thomas who lives in Mumbai works with computer. remember your kurla office where i met you. email me. i lived in kurla hostel. you lived with your sister in bhandup i guess.

Looking for specs veega, kerala

Posted on 21 October, 2011 by monalisa, kerala

Email: monalisaveega(at)gmail.com


I missed my new friend in veegaland so i searching him in facebook. If anyone saw this message u can ask your friends that they miss anyone in veegaland. If they tell yes please contact me in my mail-id.

he wear spectacles. That spectacles was so nice him. If you can know this identification please contact my email-id.

Looking for Sanal. R, Alapuzha, Kerala

Posted on  22 September, 2011 by Rajani. R.G, Thiruvalla

Email: rajinirg(at)hotmail.com


I loved the way u used to play guitar. Our college days in Ernakulam, our friends Ligi, Leonard. Last we spoke when u were in Goa. Richard had given us the opportunity for us to contact but i forgot to get ur Phone no.

Looking for St Stephens college Pathanapuram 1980_83 BSc Maths 1st batch, Pathanamthitta, Kerala

Posted on 13 September, 2011 by jose chacko, enathu, Kerala

Email: josechakkattu(at)gmail.com


lf anybody remember me please contact my email address. Presently i am working in dubai. Jagadeesh piravanthoor my indimate friend. Mathew, ambli, prasad, veena, glory, jacob, unnithan elamannoor are my classmates.

Looking for Shine,  Idukki, Peerumade, Now he settled in Delhi, Kerala

Posted on 28 July, 2011 by Sreedevi.K.C, Cochin, Kerala

Email: k.csreedevi(at)ymail.com


Hi.........Sha....I missed you very much. Where R u? Do u recollect the poem I had written to you for reciting in Delhi Malayalee Samajam Anniversary Program. I think you got 1st prize for it. Please contact me.

Looking for Simi Siby, Kottayam, Kerala

Posted on 20 June, 2011 by Rauf, Mangalore, Karnataka

Email: ravoof.06(at)gmail.com


she is my close friend during college day, after I left college I don't know where she now. One of the nice person i met in my life and i cherish every moment of my life i spent with her.

Our friendship started unexpectedly one day after that we carried on and unknowingly i hurt her so many times and she did the same to me also.

but I forgive her for everything and I hope she forgive me also.

Looking for shylendran(cheelu), chenthrapinny.thrissur, Kerala

Posted on 27 May, 2011 by sunitha, Aluva, Ernakulam

Email: ammoottyvenugopal(at)gmail.com


hi shylendran (cheelu) im sunitha from Aluva. after a long years back i hope u remember me. we were pen friends in 1992-1993. I miss u dear. i always find ur name in orkut .face book etc. but i didnt get u. where r u now? Got married? Hav kids?. plz contact me soon. yours loving friend - chuni

Looking for Sunil Kumar. U, Kozhikode (Calicut), Kerala

Posted on 24 February, 2011 by Hasina, Haripad,  Kerala

Email: hasinaqueens(at)gmail.com


sunil, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I am always remembering you. where are u. Are u in Delhi? Hastal, Uttam Nagar or Hari Nagar? Are you married? Did you forget me. and do you hate me(still). and where is shaji, Dileep & Mahesh? Do you meet them. And what about Lakshmi chechi & Maniyettan? How is Poornima & her sister? If You get this pls contact. next month I am coming to Delhi.

Looking for SUSAN VARGHESE / ex: Appolo Hospital, Palakkad, Kerala

Posted on 03 October, 2010 by  SURESH KUMAR, CHENNAI, Tamil Nadu



Dear susan, where are you da? want to meet you. on seeing this message please mail me your contact number so that we can get in touch once again. always recollecting those days we were at chennai.

Looking for surendra shenoy, karivellur, payyanur

Posted on 21 September, 2010 by sukumaran kv, Kerala, vellur, payyanur

Email: sukumarankvn(at)yahoo.com


Hi sooryan, I am sukumaran kv. we are together in 8,9 standards in karavellur high school and the trios are sv vipinkumar too.(1973-74-1975 years. I am now in dubai last 20 years. I miss you yaar....I hope you guys will contact me soon. yours loving friend sukumaran kv.

Looking for Sara Abraham, Cochin, Kerala

Posted on 25 May, 2010 by Albert Clericuzio, Point Pleasant, Kerala

Email: clerialei(at)comcast.net


I live in the United States and was hoping that Sara and I could once again share the love and affection we have for each other, albeit probably only via the internet. forty seven years have passed since we held hands, we have grown old externally, but deep within my heart there resides a eternal love. Albert

Looking for Shuba S Nair, Trivandrum, Kerala

Posted on 13 July, 2010 by jihad H.

Email: jf682009(at)hotmail.com


hi shuba s nair how are you i am jihad do you remember me ? you were living near our house and you were studying commercial stream

send me your photo if you have seen my message ok ? i was studying in the engineering college at Trivandrum.

Looking for Shobana Mathews, Cochin, Kerala

Posted on 27 March, 2010 by Mariam Nureni, Bristol , United Kingdom

Email: mariamnureni(at)fsmail.net


Hi shobana this is mariam we were in allahabad agriculture institute i was studying home economics you were studying agriculture we were living in the same hostel. may be you married changed your sure name. one thing will sure bring us together, you had an aunt called Lilian Kurian who worked in Khorfakkan in UAE.

Looking for Sindhu Vargheese, Trivandrum, Kerala

Posted on 11 February, 2010 by Rajesh, Trivandrum, Kerala

Email: hrajesh68(at)yahoo.com


Hai Sindhu,

I don't know whether you remember me or not. I'm Rajesh from Kulathoor, Trivandrum. We used to meet in Padman's shop in vayanashala. After I left for Dubai, I tried to contact you by post, but didn't get any reply from you. After that I came to know that you left for Ooty to join some of your relatives there. All these years I was in search for you but in vain. Please, wherever you are, give me your whereabouts. I'm really longing to see you.

Looking for Shylaji, Chingoli, Kerala

Posted on 23 October, 2009 by Anitha, Gurgaon,

Email: anithatauru(at)yahoo.co.in


Hi Ashokan,

I miss you. I wanted to meet you. You called me as Revathy. I am eagerly waiting to see you. How is your family. How is Lata Chechi, Shaji and Shibu. Hope you all are fine. Try to contact me.


Looking for St. Stephens College, Pathanapuram , T.K.M Arts & Science College and T.K.M Engineering College, Kollam, Kerala

Posted on 01 May, 2009 by Mansoor . Y, kollam, Kerala

Email: ymhs31(at)yahoo.in


I am MANSOOR. Y. All those who studied at ST. STEPHENS COLLGE, Pathanapuram during 1984-87, B.Sc Maths and T K M ARTS & SCIENCE COLLEGE , Kollam , during M.Sc Maths during 1987-89 and T.K.M ENGINEERING COLLEGE, KOLLAM ,during 1989-91 ,PGDCA. I am looking for my classmates and college mates.

Looking for S.Sasiraj, Ernakulam, Kerala

Posted on 07 February, 2009 by vijaykumar, visakhapatnam, Andhra Paradesh

Email: vijaykondapalli(at)yahoo.com


Studied in Rourkela. Stayed in Sector14 as neighbours. Studied in the same class and school at St. Pauls. Had a nickname Ladki. Has a sister sarika.

Looking for Seiko Thomas, Koothattukulam, Kerala

Posted on 26 January, 2009 by Abdussalam CV, Tirur, Kerala

Email: cv_salam(at)hotmail.com


We worked together in HMT Ltd. Kalamassery and he was my best friend. Lost connection on completion of my 1 year training programme. We visited Thrippunithara hill palace during the period. Now I am working in Dubai.

Looking for St Josephs boys high school Talasserry, Kerala

Posted on  Raman Rajagopal, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: raman_rajagopal(at)hotmail.com


All those who studied at st josephs boys high school during 1974 to 1980 in A English medium division and passed out SSLC in 1980

Looking for Subha Nair, Trichur,  Kerala

Posted on 02 June, 2008 by Prashant Dutta, Khelari Ranchi, Jharkhand

Email: dutta_p_k(at)yahoo.co.in


Hi this is Prashant from Ursuline convent School, do you remember? Please get in touch. Vishal, Firoz, Shanti are the only one who are in touch.

Looking for Sreeja Sreenesh, Kochi, Kerala

Posted on 12 May, 2008 by Vinitha John, Kochi, Kerala

Email: vinitha.jm(at)gmail.com


sreeja was my best friend during my school days in Fathima girls high school in fort kochi. When we were in 7nth standard her father got transfer and she shifted the school. Now i am a house wife and mother of a kid. Still i miss her very much. I don't know where she is or in which status but she will have a place in my heart always.

Looking for Sukumaran, Devagiri College, Tirur, Kerala

Posted on 15 April, 2008 by Raghunath T, Calicut, Kerala

Email: rtcalicut(at)yahoo.co.in


We studied B.Sc. Maths together in 1986-1989. We have one more friend to find - Saji from Nilambur. I am now in Dubai. Just now only known about this site and so trying my luck in finding you.

Looking for Siji Varghese, Chengannur, Kerala

Posted on 11 March, 2008 by Reena, Trivandrum.

Email: jithuzer007(at)yahoo.com


I am looking for my old friend siji varghese( kochumol) we were close friends but i lost her phone number and address somewhere.

Looking for Soumya / MES college Nedumkandum, Vandanmettu

Posted on 29 January, 2008 by binoj, vandnmettu, Kerala

Email: binojvp(at)yahoo.com


Dear soumya, Hope u remember me. We were English MA students at mes college during the year 1999-2001. I wish to know where r u now?.  Love, bin.

Looking for S. Suresh, Palghat, Kerala

Posted on 13 December, 2007 by Sunita, Chengannur, Kerala

Email: sony_suja(at)yahoo.co.in


hi suresh, its long time since i am trying to trace you out, we met in trichy, sea horse hospital and you moved to kerala later. When i moved to kerala i lost all your contact detail, how is your sister? At present i am working abroad but i still hope to contact you.

Looking for Sreeja, Manjeri, Kerala

Posted on 09 October, 2007 by Veena, Manjeri, Kerala

Email: veena_mp2000(at)yahoo.com


want to see you, want to here you, i am your chakkara.............

just mail me , wherever you are, i am waiting for your mail..........

want to be with u again, with sweet memories

Your chakkara.

Looking for Sally George, Kozhuvanal, Kerala

Posted on 21 August, 2007 by Tomy Sebastian, Dubai

Email: lawfirmdubai(at)yahoo.com


i studied with her up to 7th standard in st nephumsians school kozhuvanal, kottayam dist. She was the daughter of our master. For the last 40 years i haven't heard about her. I would like to know where my old friend is how how she is? I am tomy sebastian

Looking for Sarah Usha Abraham, Calicut, kerala

Posted on 04 June, 2007 by Asha Abdul Kader, Manappat, Kodungallur, Kerala

Email: ashamanappat(at)gmail.com


I had a very loving friend Usha when I was doing my pre degree at MES women's College, Calicut during 1978-79. Usha's father was a bank employee. She has 2 brothers. One named Sonu. Other's i don't remember. Her husband was working in a bank, i remember. If anyone can get her address pleas help me to reunite with Usha. She has an uncle who was living in Mattom, Calicut.

Looking for Smitha George, Ernakulam, Kerala

Posted on 19 February, 2007 by Roshna, Ernakulam


Where are you now? do you remember me? we were in madras in SRM college. if you receive this message please contact me.

Looking for  Soorej Sukumaran / St. Michael's Anglo Indian Boys High School-88-89, Kannur, Kerala

Posted on 29 January, 2007 by Mathew Philip, Calicut

Email: reji_calicut(at)hotmail.com


We have spend 10 years of schooling together-Ursline Covent, Kannur & St Michaels Anglo Indian School, Kannur. He was every bodies pride and was a hero at school. I hear you are missing now. We are all (some handful of friends. .now in dubai) waiting to hear from you some day dear.

Looking for Seema Nair, TKM Enginering College, Kerala

Posted on 05 October, 2006 by Ayana, Kottayam (From Manipur)

Email: ayana_rak(at)yahoo.com


Hi seema, i want to inform u that shanu is searching for u. Please contact me as soon as possible he miss u a lot, and am his friend want u to inform that he miss u a lot and want to know where u are now? Pleases contact him through me, he still want your friendship. Please reply.

Looking for Saira Abraham, Trivandrum, Kerala

Posted on 20 September, 2006 by Sangeeta. M, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Email: sangeeta124(at)rediffmail.com


She is the only friend from school that i remember even now after all these years. have been trying to find her but not been successful till now. will keep on trying i think she is UAE working in skmc {abudabi} as a dietitian not sure.

Looking for Subaida. M, Tirur, Malappuram.

Posted on 05 August, 2006 by Santhakumari. N.K, Calicut, Kerala

Email: santhab(at)epathra.com


she was my classmate from 1970 to 1975. we sat in the same bench for these 5 years. after 1975 she got married and we lost our contact. her mother was a teacher and father was an officer in fisheries department.

Looking for Shirin, Kollam, Kerala.

Posted on 23 September, 2005 by Salam.

Email: salamadthipadi(at)yahoo.com


I miss you. Shirin where r you? I am in sharjah now. I believe you are in duabi.
Plz send me an e-mail as soon as possible. Shirin "Ivide thane ninne anoshikatha sthalamilla". Thane kanuvan mohamayi.

Looking for Sreelatha. Shornur, Kerala

Posted by Karam, Calicut, Kerala on 2005-08-08



Did her BSc from Mar Ivanios college? Would like to know how she is doing?

Looking for Ms. Seetha Lakshmi. Calicut, Kerala

Posted on 2005-05-18 by wilfred John, Calicut

Email: johnrwilfred2003(at)yahoo.co.uk



Looking for SADIQ VALANCHERY, Kerala

Posted on 13-05-2005 by AFZAL, CHELARI
Email :  afz1109(at)rediffmail.com



Looking for old class mates from St. Joseph's Boys School and St. Joseph's Devagiri, Calicut between the years 1970 to 1977.

Posted on Wednesday, Thursday January 06, 2005 by Sheldon D'Monte
Email: sheldon.egbert(at)team.telstra.com


Also, if anyone has copies of school magazines, please let me know if I can get copies of the same. Some of my classmates that I remember at the top of my head are: K.G. Mammen, Gapakumar, Prakash, Rajeev, Arvind Baliga, Rajesh Shah, Dhirendar, Dinesh U.C. .... and heaps more...  I am now living in Melbourne, Australia. I am planning on visiting Calicut in December 2005. It will be nice to have a reunion.

Looking for Soumya.Bhat from Kerala

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2005 by Pooja.kamat -Bangalore
Email: smartpoo2001(at)yahoo.co.in


I am miss puja kamat staying at b'lore karnataka. Soumya and myself were too good friends when we were in 2nd and 3rd standard at sirsi karnataka. She got transferred to kerala in the year 1999 and then we somehow lost touch. I wish to get her contact pls help me i miss her a lot.

Looking for Srishyla, Calicut

Posted on 18 December, 2005 by Faridha, Calicut



Hai Munni, try to remember our trip to Ooty & Malampuzha. Maneka beauty, what happened to our Reshu, Ajay Devghan (Sathosh) got married.

Looking for Swaroop Sunder; st.josephs boys higher secondary school, Calicut.

Posted on 02 January, 2006 by Yannis P, Calicut, kerala.

Email: yanni_p4(at)yahoo.co.in


hi swaroop, how are u man? I think we have not seen or talked for a long time now. Where are u now? hope u will contact me soon. Now i am in the UK, doing my mib. I think we had a good friendship during our high school days but after we finished our 10th we hardly met and gradually we lost touch. I heard that u r studying some where in madras but no one gave me your address to contact u. I hope lost friends will help me to find u. Stay in touch my yaar....take care bye....

Looking for Smitha K.T / IUHS / PSMO, Kottakkal, Kerala

Posted on 06 February, 2006 by Babu, Kottakkal, Kerala

Email: mehaboobm(at)gmail.com

Message: Was my class mate, was my best friend, where I forget to 'Forget'

Looking for Sebin C johny, Puthucode / Palghat, Kerala

Posted on 10 July, 2006 by Pradeep, New Delhi

Email: kayarate(at)rediffmail.com


We were together till the end of our matriculation and after that I have not seen him. He is somewhere in Gulf Countries or in USA. at least if I get his email id that will be a torch. His family is now settled in Trichur and I visit kerala once in a while. due to my busy schedule i am unable to meet them.

Looking for Sharath K Bhadran, Kottayam near Cochin.

Posted on 18 July, 2006 by well wisher, Kottayam near Cochin.

Email: wellwisher88(at)rediffmail.com


I miss you very much. I pray for you everyday and want you to be with me always. I hope you are still good at your naughty smile and are doing well. May GOD bless you to be the best doctor in India. Let our relation be everlasting.


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